Chrome Extensions

Mercury Memo to EZLynx

Helper tool to check memos in Mercury and create equivalent tasks in EZlynx
This chrome extension is a helper tool for the internal employees of the company. The tool automates one of the manual steps in the team’s daily routine: Checking newly arrived memos on the Mercury insurance portal and creating equivalent tasks on the EZlynx portal.

How to use

1. Go to Mercury Insurance Portal and login
2. Go to the EZlynx portal and log in
3. Click the extension icon on the top right corner of the Chrome browser
4. Extension will pull yesterday’s memos from the Mercury portal and create equivalent tasks in the EZlynx portal
5. All newly created tasks are automatically assigned to currently logged-in users of EZlynx

The extension does not store any data fetched from the Mercury portal or EZlynx portal.

EZLynx Discussion Title and Note Formatter

Standard of Procedures for EZlynx Discussion Titles and Note & Task Text Body Formatting. Enable your team to have clear communication.

EZlynx Webform and Phone System Hyperlinks

EZLynx Applicant merge into any Webform and Click Call/Text to Phone System.

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